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Buying a New Home?

You just bought a new house and want to get insurance. One of the questions they ask you is “Is there knob and tube wiring?”.

If your house was built prior to 50 years ago. There is a good chance you have knob and tube. Insurance companies are reluctant to insure homes with knob and tube and likely to add a premium to your insurance plan. Thats with an approved inspection of an electrician. If your inspection is not approved, you are then required to upgrade your whole electrical to current electrical code

Moss Electric is Winnipeg trusted knob and tube expert. Focusing on getting your home upgraded to provide reliable service.


Winnipeg knob and tube statistics
According to a 2006 Winnipeg census, between 30,000 to 35,000 of the city’s 160,000 homes have knob and tube wiring, while 50 per cent of the homes in areas, such as Brooklands, Weston, Point Douglas, Fort Rouge and other older neighbourhoods with modest housing, were built prior to 1940. These are the neighbourhoods with “affordable” housing affected by the uncertainty of obtaining insurance coverage due to the presence of knob and tube wiring.

Knob & Tube? WHY?

The problem with knob and tube wiring

Knob and tube wiring, also commonly found in homes over 50 years of age, consists of parallel hot (black) and neutral
(white) wires, separated by knobs (or insulators) and ceramic tubes.

Knob and tube wiring is considered a higher risk than contemporary wiring installations mainly because

  • There is no ground wire (in contrast to contemporary wiring).
  • Given their age, the wires are highly susceptible to wearing and exposure, presenting a serious safety hazard.
  • The unintentional contact of the hot and neutral wires may potentially cause an electrical fire.

As a result, you may be required to replace all exposed knob and tube wiring with approved permanent wiring material
before an insurance company will provide you with homeowners insurance coverage.

How to determine your home has knob-and-tube

Not certain if your home or the home you’re buying has knob-and-tube wiring?

Take a walk down to the basement and have a good look at the exposed joists. If you see white ceramic knobs nailed to the joists with electrical wires snaking through them, there is knob-and-tube wiring present.

Don’t see any in the basement? Take a peek in the attic and look for the same telltale signs.